Monday, December 28, 2015

Like you, I have had these ideas in my mind for quite a while now and have not done much other than to think about them from time to time. I came to the conclusion that if I never try to make these things happen they will always be just an idea in my thoughts. Most people invent things that in some ways are related to the work that they do in an attempt to make some aspect of their job easier or more cost effective. With the release of the Lap Top Easel, I am no exception to the rule for the love of my job. I have made a life time commitment to follow my fathers foot steps, building custom cushions and pillows and becoming "one of the best at what I do,"  they say. The Lap Top Easel is a portable light weight lap desk used to hold laptop computers, tablets and reading books. Made of High Density foam with a soft front edge providing wrist support. Covered in Ultra Suede with large pockets that will hold all your things the lap Top Easel makes life easy.
Some inventions are made out of necessity for me; it was when my lower back began heavily aching and I needed a seat cushion to relieve my lower back pain. The Fine Spine flex cushion, I am proud to say, is now doctor recommended. With a folding design the Fine Spine flex cushion easily fits into a carry case for light weight transportation. Made of High Resilience foam covered in Sunbrella brand fabric the Fine Spine flex cushion has helped so many fined the same pain relief as me that it makes me feel so helpful.
The ZeBo neck pillow was created on fathers day when I woke up with a stiff neck. As I was eating breakfast with my head turned sideways, all my family could do to help was laugh. Like all my products, the Zebo Pillow is multi functional. Using a combination of Memory and High Resilience foam with a center copper wire for natural healing properties. The ZeBo Pillow will bend to any shape for your perfect custom fit every time.
Some of my inventions where not so successful and if I could have a chance to do it over again I would have done more test marketing. But before you let anyone know about your invention you need to patent it. Now I know you're thinking "I cant afford all this," and I will tell you the cost is no more than a stamp. This is called the poor mans patent and will serve as proof that you are the first and original inventor of this idea. Take a photo of your product or drawings along with a description of how it functions, place these things in an envelope and send them to yourself. Don't open the envelope when it arrives, put it in a safe place. In case it is needed in a patent dispute, it has the date on it and will be opened in court. Now it is time to see if the public is interested in your idea and you are ready to test market. In my case I had a new invention, My Bolster, and I took it to the Ability Expo at the Los Angles convention center. I go once a year because it is rewarding to be able to help so many wonderful people making their disabled lives easier to live.
My Bolster was well received for its water repellent design in aquatic rehabilitation. My Bolster is now available to the public and is becoming the new yoga bolster replacing the old cotton filled bolsters that would pack and mold. My Bolster is covered in water repellent fabric with a Dry Fast foam center that will not mold and has quick return action. If not for the Ability Expo I  could have gone to some of our local organizations for peoples personal input through their use of the product. Remember to detach yourself from your idea, making someone else the owner of the product is important so that you don't get an incorrect sympathetic positive opinion. Now that we know it is received well it is time to file for patent protection and bring the product to market.
Amazon is where the product can be listed for a small monthly fee and some sellers fees. The purchasing public will do the last of your test market for you. If received well the cost of the patent will be covered and trade mark protection may be necessary for any name. It can go as far as your own web site and beyond depending on your marketing efforts.
 I have had friends and family a like as well as strangers say to me it will never work and you can't succeed. My advice is to pay no attention to those that want you to be like them they will only hold you down indefinitely. You know that they are wrong because you believe in yourself and you refuse to let anything hold you down. Your questions and comments are always welcome.
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